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Chubby sissy life diary part 1

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This story is derived from events of my upbringing and my journey of crossdressing. I was always a skinny toddler and that carried on until I was in 5th grade when I started to get chubby in very specific areas. My boy breasts were very big like they were large enough to be considered busty in comparison to the rest of my body. I had a little tummy some chubby thighs and an extra big butt that stuck out like a shelf when I would stand up straight. Clothing was super hard to shop for because certain shirts would have my moobs whipping around like a baywatch clip. I didn’t really pay much mind t… Read more

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Hanging Out at the Nude Model Shoot (Part 3)

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We see the shower from the outside with a woman’s shape inside. The camera moves inside, and we see Karly washing off the soap under the shower. She changes the setting to the water jet and uses it to spray her back and her butt. Then she brings points it at her pussy. We see her eyes shut and she has a dreamy smile and then we see her breathing increase. The camera zooms in and we see that her nipples are tight, and the camera pans down so we can watch the jet of water against her clit. The camera zooms out and we see her eyes open and a wide smile cross her face as she thinks of a sexy idea… Read more

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Best friends sucked each other’s cocks part 2

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I grabbed Toby by the cock to lead him into the bathroom to shave his cock and my hand slipped off. His cock was all slippery from our combined precum and the coconut oil, so I grabbed him firmly by the balls and led him into the bathroom. I suggested we take a quick shower together. We climbed into the shower and started to wash each other’s bodies. We were rubbing soap all over each other’s hard dicks. Then he surprised me by taking the soap and putting it right into my ass. I returned the favor. As I was under the water he was pressing his cock against my ass so he could get some warm water… Read more

Posted by Shavedcutcock111 21 minutes ago 44

First time getting fucked REAL

AnalShemale PornFirst Time

This took place probably a year after the first time I sucked a dick. I'd become quite addicted to sucking cocks and swallowing spunk. Obviously then I began fantasising about getting fucked! I'd been seeing a guy for a while who I'd met on Craigslist (remember that?!) and sucking him off. He had a flat in Salford where he lived through the week for wok, and he'd go home to his wife at weekends. She used to leave some lingerie and dildos at his flat and I'd regularly go round there, dress up in his wife's lingerie, slip her dildo up my arse and suck his cock until he blew a big load down my th… Read more

Posted by lovepanties1234 1 hour ago 433 100%

Sad and Vulnerable

First TimeHardcore

She looked so sad that my heart went out to her. And she was so gorgeous! I was having lunch in the food court at the mall when I saw a gorgeous blonde sit down near me. Her hair was long, wavy, and beautiful, and her eye makeup was impeccable. But when I looked closer, tears filled her eyes and were about to run down her face! My heart sank with the thought that suck a beautiful girl could be crying! Sadness was all over her face and I wanted to just hold her to make everything alright. I had to do something… Read more

Posted by CTHays 1 hour ago 391 100%

Valentine’s Death Valley Adventure (Part 2) [MF M

MatureFirst TimeVoyeur

Nicole, Nancy and I returned from our explorations, and outside our hotel room we met the owners of the truck with the stickers, Kitty and Ed. Nicolle invited them into our room where we shared shots of Tequila, getting to know each other, sharing past Playa stories, and finding out we are friends with many of the same people (Small fucking world!). Kitty and Nicole went outside to smoke, when they came back in, I sensed they were up to something by their smirks, and their body language. As the bottle of Tequila emptied, Nicole whispered into my ear, “Kitty… she has a huge crush on you, she di… Read more

Posted by maxpriapic69gmail 1 hour ago 51

Caught In A Girls' School Summer Dress (part

TabooShemale PornFirst Time

If you've read the first two chapters, scroll down or read again. As I came down the staircase I heard a key turning in the front door, thinking it must be one of my sisters back from University, for the weekend, I carried on bouncing down each riser so the skirt of my dress would lift up. My mum had left me a note saying she would be home late tonight, so I had the whole evening to dress as I pleased, I wouldn't have minded being caught dressed by Mrs White, from next door, she had seen me in dresses & skirts before, she even participated with my elder sister & would have me dressed.… Read more

Posted by PMTBTN 2 hours ago 305

The weirdest thing

Gay MaleFirst TimeMature

The Weirdest thing Kyle was on the subway the ride always had a soothing effect on him its not as if he could possibly know it but he was being watched by the most unlikely of suitors. His name was Gene he was a homeless man mostly he spent his days on the subway this was the first time in years he was alone with someone and it was with a young man from the looks of him a successful walstreet type that has tons of hot sluts throwing themselves at him. Gene imagined what if i could be his slut what if this handsome prince charming could treat me like his cinderella the thought excited him th… Read more

Posted by CurtisRupp87 2 hours ago 168

The zoom meeting of daddy

Interracial SexShemale PornHardcore

My neighbor wasn't joking when he offered me 200$ to be the tech boy for his important meeting calls but what i didnt understand is how much covid was making my neighbor needing a hole to dump Mike is 48 and divorced, wealthy living in the biggest penthouse of that building down the road I really thought it would be easy money, his company had a budget and i had to set him up the best meeting setup I got him a computer a big screen , micro[hone and dedicated sound board everything he needed the the day he started using it he wasnt happy becose he said it was missing the better feature ''w… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 2 hours ago 303 100%

Lockdown Vll

Lesbian SexInterracial SexTaboo

Holding her robe closed Megan asked what was so funny. We're the only ones here, Savannah said. Hanging her head laughing to herself Megan dropped her arms, letting her robe fall open. Come on, Savannah said. We only have a couple of hours. Coming to the dining table Megan seen the bowl Savannah carried. Beside it was scissors comb and a razor. Taking Megan's hands Savannah pulled her to her. Reaching into her robe Savannah hugged her tightly and said don't worry, you'll love how it feels. Bringing her hands up Savannah pushed pushed her robe off her shoulders. Letting it drop to the floor M… Read more

Posted by 1120scott 3 hours ago 319 100%

Notice Me


It all began 15 years ago but I remember it as clearly as if it had happened yesterday. I was with my best friend at the time Diane, we were celebrating our 30th birthday together. Nothing big, nothing fancy, we'd both left our k**s and husbands at home and gone off on a spa-weekend together. Diane and I had been best friends since college, I've never had anything but friendly warm feelings for her, perhaps too friendly but I've never desired her in a more intimate, sexual way, to this day I still don't believe that I do. But somehow something were different that weekend, I felt more relaxed t… Read more

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The sound of brakes disturbed everyone except the two teenage girls. Willis Street was picking up after the mid-afternoon lull. The high school c***dren had mostly come and gone, but the office workers were still at their desks. Half a dozen people at the stops, mostly looking at their phones. The two girls were standing at the stop itself, one wearing her uniform in that way only paedophiles and high school girls in their mid-teens think appropriate, the other looked older and was more maturely dressed. Just next to them was an untidily dressed young man who looked like a student. The bus h… Read more

Posted by ccj29 3 hours ago 243 100%

Crossdressing Vignettes (True Story)

Gay MaleAnal

I went through a period in the '80s and '90s when I was very much into crossdressing and being a bottom. I didn't write these events down at the time, but I wish I had. As the events come to memory, I'll write and post them. Here's one such story: In the '90s, I was married, and my wife didn't (as far as I knew, anyway) know about my bi or crossdressing interests. I loved her very much, but I had these other desires I never shared with her. I kept a small bag of lingerie, condoms, and lube tucked down in the spare tire well in my car, a place I knew she'd never look. Occasionally I would tell… Read more

Posted by PRTNDR 4 hours ago 379 100%

Borrowing Him from Missy

Gay MaleFirst Time

Todd was in my 8th grade class, but I hardly knew him. I was the brainy, nerdy k**, and he was the typical jock. That was not a combination that really had many common boundaries, and I don't think I said more than an occasional hello to him all year long. However, just a few days before school ended, Todd struck up a conversation with me and I was a bit perplexed. I found out that he lived just around the corner from me, and we decided to walk home together. Along the way, a great friendship was started that continued to grow over the next few months This is the story of that friendship. Cha… Read more

Posted by NewNormal_Is_NoRules 4 hours ago 490 80%

Interrupted Grindr Ass Fuck

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I cruised around Grindr looking for a bottom. I wanted to blow my three day load into someone. At this point, I wasn't going to be picky. I had this guy hit me up. He sent me pictures of his uncut cock and his ass. His cock was small. Maybe 3 inches at the most. He was 5 foot 4 inches tall and about 165 pounds. Small but stocky and he had a cute little bubble butt. He could host and he gave me his address. I arrived and walked in. He was already naked. He walked me back to his room. I undressed as he moved the lube over onto the bed. He got onto his knees in front of me and worked my cock up… Read more

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The diabolical plan

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The Diabolical plan These were the 3 hottest girls in senior high school they were dating the 3 hottest guys that were your run of the mill typical jock guys. These girls had a big problem their men had a huge sexual appetite every weekend they went to the local strip clubs and partied with a bunch of sluts Todd made the mistake of leaving his phone unsecured so Melanie got to see what her boyfriend was up to with his friends he was kissing one girl while the other girl had her hand down his pants this made Melanie fume. Tiffany listened to Melanie vent for half an hour while Melanie share… Read more

Posted by CurtisRupp87 5 hours ago 396

Job Placement

Interracial Sex

A chapter from my new book Random Stories by Raul Montana. it is available on Amazon for E Reader and paperback. Enjoy! Marcy recently moved to Florida from Kansas to live with her husband, Paul. She quickly found work at a school that did vocational training. Her position at this school was in a job placement function. She helped the soon to be graduates with skills such as resume writing and job searches. She would also set up job fairs and sometimes interviews for exceptional students. During her first week, she was in the faculty lounge preparing her lunch when she heard a coworker say to… Read more

Posted by proudcuckold904 5 hours ago 355 67%

Room 512

First Time

You booked a room at a hotel. You gave me instructions on the place and time to arrive. A key was available for me at the front desk. I was filled with anticipation the entire day. I had butterflies in my stomach and only ate a light lunch. As I entered the elevator of the boutique hotel, my hand trembled as I pushed the button for the fifth floor. I exited and walked to room 512. You instructed me to use the key to enter immediately. It was dark. I entered and closed the door quietly. I expected to hear your sweet voice, but the room was silent. I felt around on the bed hoping to touch your f… Read more

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the threesome

First TimeVoyeur

So is that what you want, Aimee asked as she turned to see that Jay's eyes were locked on the television screen The woman in the scene was moaning as the two men took their turns thrusting their cock in and out of her. Their cocks looked very big, long and thick. She was moaning and crying out begging for them to fuck her harder. Jay smiled nervously. Damn how can she take all of that cock she thought to herself. Each of them had to be at least 8 inches long. We'll kinda yeah, The truth Aimee said. Well yeah, You would like to do that, Aimee asked. Well not like that, but well, not at the sa… Read more

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Living The Dream. Ch.10.

BDSMLesbian SexGroup Sex

We dutifully followed up the stairs, Lotti at our head. There was the frequent small yelp from Sofi at the occasional flick of the leash clipped to the chain that connected the two butterfly clips fiercely gripping her nipples. Fay and I followed like dazed sheep. She had let go of my hand and I wondered what was going on in her mind. I could sense a change in her attitude, not just to the fun and games but towards me. We were led through our bedroom to our own private en suite bathroom. It seems that nowhere was off limits now. It was larger than the one we saved for visitors but even so was… Read more

Posted by HippyChris 6 hours ago 126 100%