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Today it can be climbed for the first time.

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She has always been a horny dirty bitch and cheated on me and her husband very often but one day everything blew up and I turned the tables because I liked it when she came home in the evening and I found either in her vagina or also on the clothes traces of foreign sperm over time it made me hotter and hotter…. it was supposed to be a relatively long plan, initially she always wanted to go to the swingers club or we wanted to make someone clear in the Aachen thermal baths now I already fulfilled her wish with the swingers club but every time we were close to it she backed out So it took me a… Read more

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I opened up Pandoras Box->The Great Nebraska Pa

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Nebraska was a different place for me. I was used to the beautiful state of California, the mountains, beaches, the snow, desert I mean Cali has everything you can ask for and more not to mention the beautiful women, the pulchritude of women Cali has to offer can’t be matched at least from any other state. I was going to be in Nebraska for at least 1yr so I had to find the best that Nebraska had to offer a young man and I did. I didn't know anyone other than my oldest aunt that I lived with my teenage brother and cousin. I literally had nothing to my name and was starting a new life for myself… Read more

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Lucky Nathan


Lucky Nathan By: Londebaaz Chohan Hanna, used to live not far from the house of Nathan’s parents. She was a divorced mother of a lovely daughter Julia who soon after school, got married to Nathan’s elder brother James and as the couple moved away, Hanna also sold the house and moved to a small town near the beach. Nathan’s mother always stayed in touch with Hanna and now came the time for Nathan’s 18th birthday. As she was speaking with Hanna and mentioned her younger son’s birthday, Hanna invited them to visit her for a beach holiday and also the birthday celebration. They agreed to keep… Read more

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Cheated On My BBC For a BBBC

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Chapter 2 (The Dream to Reality) Continuation of How I Discovered BBC Anal Pleasure (Actionbran1992) as Bran. Bran went into a deep sleep, he woke up from a wet dream with a cum in his undwear from the previous session of his night getting fucked. Bran felt excited he never had a wet dream since he was a teenager it was almost as Bran was living his life as like he had puberty again his sex drive was active. He remembered his dream and bit his lips at the thought of his new realization that hes gay anal slut… Read more

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Finding Dates for My Wife Pt. 06

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Characters: Paul Scott – Lisa's husband Lisa Scott – Paul's wife Jason Wilson – Lisa's father Karen Wilson – Lisa's mother Carl – Paul's friend Ben Scott – Paul's father Rita Williams – Friend of Karen Alan Williams – Rita's Husband Charles Hose – CEO of Investment Business Steve Hose – Accountant – Son of Charles Nate Hose – 18-year-old student – Son of Steve IMPORTANT: The narrator of the chapter is the character whose name is in parentheses in the chapter title. Attention: This part of the story does contain wife sharing and i****t. All activity is consensual and fictional. If… Read more

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Ginger and I: Part 2

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Ginger and I had both just had intense and fulfilling orgasams. We lay there spooning with me at her back and gentling stroking her beautiful breasts, I like to keep her nipples hard! She turned to me and asked, “Did you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed doing it to you?” I said, “Yes I do, I absolutely loved you fucking me in the ass, I have wanted to do that for a very long time, THANK YOU!” She just smiled, kind of a wicked little smile that says, We are gonna have a lot of fun together. We lay there in for a little bit longer, and as always happens to me when I have the pleasure of feeling… Read more

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CHAPTER 7: SHARON & JOHN Since our discussion and establishment/agreement on my submissiveness that Sunday morning, I had all the rest of the day to begin the commitment to being naked when in the house. And Cody was definitely a dog that was aware of his surroundings. No longer was my reaction to him like it was just earlier in the morning when I reacted with sympathy for being otherwise busy. No, now I was his and he quickly picked on the fact that if he made himself known, I yielded to him. Willingly and quick… Read more

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CHAPTER 6: THE NEXT DAY Well that was certainly an interesting couple of days! Have an orgasm in front of a shoe salesman Friday night. Deal with mom’s submissive disappearing act on Saturday and then take care of four guys (and Cody) on Saturday night. The evening ended on a high note with the exhibitionism at the gas station quick mart store. The next morning I was really no worse for wear. Although I had been fucked a lot, the guys were really very considerate about it. I got rest, they used lubrication when they… Read more

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Am I perverted?


Am I perverted? Discussions and comments on what follows now are expressly encouraged A few days ago a user left the comment: You are perverted. Unfortunately, she didn't discuss this further, so I don't know what she spoke to in my profile or whether she found me and my passions generally perverse. Am I perverted? What is perverse or a perversion? Wikipedia calls it a quote: denotes a turning into the sick or abnormal or such a feeling and behavior. Now I ask myself, am I morbidly or abnormally predisposed or do I behave like this? Or is it not really about fetishism, i.e. a form of sexu… Read more

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First time caught with BBC


I would slip away every day to meet the older boy with the BBC, in the shed down the alley. He was always waiting on me with his shorts down and his BBC dick out. Ready for my warm mouth and tounge to suck him off. He would greet me with a big smile and a French kiss. I pulled down my shorts and got on my knees to suck his BBC. His limp dick started to grow and fill my mouth. It did not take him long to start fucking my mouth and for me to taste his salty cum. He told me that i was the best sissy boy BBC sucker. I thanked him while liking and sucking the rest of his cum off his BBC. He had me… Read more

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School Day Seize

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He entered me roughly and my first instinct was to pull away, but he grabbed my hips and held me in place as the rest of his 9 inches penetrated my ass fully. "Oh Gaaawwwd!", I cried. I buried my face into the back of my hands and bit my knuckles. He was having no mercy. He pulled back slowly but then rammed it back in with a b**stly thrust. My head involuntarily shot back and my long wet hair sprayed a fine mist onto the small of my back and ass cheeks. He grabbed one cheek firmly and then gave it a hard smack. The sting was both painful and arousing. He pumped me with another hard thrust. "… Read more

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Boys will be boys - a story of sexual discovery.

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When I was young I used to have sleep-overs with my buddies. There was Marc, Charlie, Steve. This was like fifth and sixth grade. We each had our routines. At Marc’s house we would put on music, jump on the bed that was down in the basement and prend to play guitar on his tennis rackets. At Steve’s house we would explore (he lived in an old manson) and try to watch his sisters from outside the windows. His sisters were older, in high school. One had a fire escape outside her room and the other one had a tree outside her room. We caught glimpses of them changing, in bra and panties and even o… Read more

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The Good Girl

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Carla knew she was a good girl, she just was not too good of a girl. All of the girls at her Junior College where she was taking classes to become a secretary knew she rarely was lacking for a date on a Friday or Saturday night, and many seemed jealous over it. Oh, Carla was not the best looking girl in her classes. Her black hair hung straight, black, and along with her slightly darker complexion, she could never hide her Mexican roots. Proof of the gringo that had knocked up her mother just after she graduated High School. She even attempted to dye her hair a few times back in High School,… Read more

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Spanking Parties - part 2

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A gooey loud fart escaped my ass hole when Peter had removed his rod from my body. I could feel his cum oozing out of me. I moved as gingerly as I could to get up and walked briskly to the dormitory bathroom. I held my ass cheeks together with my hands as fluids were running down my legs. I tippy-toed in the hallway naked. I plunged down and excavated the remnants with thundering fart sounds. I wiped the back of my legs while I relieved myself. I felt tired and weak. One of my legs shook uncontrollably as I recalled what I just had done........"I had just let a guy cum in my ass and I didn't e… Read more

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Panties Lips Stick and Big Black Cock

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What could go wrong ? I bought a pair of panties and I would wear them while watching $issy porn. I really enjoyed watching white sissy and crossdresser with Big Black Cocks. Panties eventually turned into a full blown outfit. I was going for a rocker chic / goth look. My truck was loaded and I was heading to New Orleans East, I planned to stay just down the street from my delivery in an empty lot. I stopped at a truck stoped showered shaved grabbed some food and trucked over to the empty lot off of Chef Menteur. Across the street was a covience store and a strip mall. In the strip mall was a… Read more

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Josie's California Vacation

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It had never been my intent to hurt my husband. I looked across the bar at the 4 guys sitting there, and knew before the night was over I was going to be fucked by each of them. And it had all started so innocently. Samantha, one of my friends from college called me up one day and said she was having a get together for “the girls” at her beach house in Santa Monica and wanted me to come. It had been at least 7 years since we had spent any time together. I talked to my husband that night and he said he had to go out of town that week on business so I should go ahead and go. So I called Sam t… Read more

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Isabelle Intimately on video -1: Hot Honey Hump

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Jerry’s World – Gymnast Fitness


Gavin was very hospitable allowing me to shower and freshen up, he gave me an old tee shirt which to be honest just hung off me such was the difference in our sizes however the old shorts he gave me fitted better and when he offered to give me a ride home I told him he could take the clothes back with him, sounded like a good plan and I was seriously looking forward to getting back to bed, I didn’t feel 100% at all. We took the short drive home; I was surprised how close he lived to me. Gavin decided not to come in telling me I could return the clothes next time we met and all I could think o… Read more

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Flashing truckers

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This story happened back in the summer of 2012. My work schedule gave me 3 days off Sunday ,Monday and Tuesday. We made reservations at a casino in Reno Nevada. We got on the road about 1 p.m. from Elk Grove south of Sacramento and got on Hwy 80 east. We took my new lowed Chevy pickup . My wife was wearing a nice blue sundress. She's 5'5 130 pounds Auburn hair green eyes and very tan that day. We cleared Sacramento and started up the hills, Hwy 80 is a mountain road with many inclines. We stopped in Colfax to have a beer,then back on the road. We came to a incline and passed 2 big rigs that w… Read more

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2005 what was supposed too be an outdoor quickie

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Autumn of 2005 I was still married but it was on the rock's, my wife was seeing other men for sex and I didn't really care (we were at that stage of our marriage breakdown).I was on a dating site while my wife was away for the week and checking out other men online (I have always been a closet gay since I was a boy) when a few messages starting popping up from various guys, now bare in mind I am very masculine looking with facial hair and a tough build so if you looked at me you wouldn't pick my taste lay towards other men so it was quite a surprise to get so many messages from random guys tha… Read more

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